Hopostle Origins

We’re first cousins, born again Christians, Pink Floyd fanatics, and hopheads through and through. We’ve sampled thousands of beers together, and discussed thousands more. Think we’re obsessed? So do we.

Our obsession began several years ago with a social beer drinking group we created called the Green Elm Society.  The two of us, as well as 3 other local beer buddies, meet roughly once every other month to sample several beers in one sitting.  We take notes on what we taste, observe, and find to be good or bad about each beer.  Many laughs are shared, many suds are sampled, and many new experiences arise from these meetings, further cultivating our love for all things beer.

As Christians, we wanted to find a name that resonated with our passion for beer while incorporating our faith. And so we decided on “The Hopostles”. What is a Hopostle you ask?..


Maybe you’re on a similar quest. Or maybe you’re new to craft beer. Regardless of what has brought you here, we thank you for checking us out. Despite the work that goes into this blog, it truly is something that we love to do and hope more than anything that you will get enjoyment out of reading. We promise to keep it light-hearted, and to always try to share something with you that we find to be worthwhile in the world of barley and hops. Cheers.

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