Phase 3: The Reality

IMG_9072As we pulled into the parking lot of the plaza for Headtrip Brewery in Stow, OH, it was thrilling to see what months and months of hard work have led up to.  Sure, we’ve seen some pictures and posts online about what they’ve been doing, but being there in person with owners Tom and Nick for a private sampling of their beers was a new kind of excitement…

IMG_9178They don’t officially open until this Thursday, December 21st, but from the looks on their faces, they seemed anxious to finally be off and running. We listened to Nick talk about the way he brews the beer, speaking like a mad scientist on the brink of discovering something new each time he steps into his lab.  And from the first sip of the Evolution IPA (Mosaic), it was clear to us that he knows what he’s doing.  Dank and sticky, this IPA will rotate with different hops over time, but we were thankful that it started with mosaic, our personal favorite.  Another standout brew was the Thank Evans! Stout packing a wallop of flavor with chocolate and peanut butter that you can smell from a mile away.  It’s right up there with the likes of Sweet Baby Jesus! by DuClaw, albeit with more chocolate than peanut butter and not too heavy of a stout to overwhelm the palate.  We sampled the Arndale Ale English-style Mild Ale, the Manneken Pis Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale (named after a statue in Belgium) in both a regular as well as an imperial format, and the Bike & Hike Belgian-style Rye IPA.  We were also privileged to sample a special winter ale brewed with cranberries, which was a nice refreshing addition to an already-delicious brew for the holidays.

IMG_9177Tom and Sierra shared with us about all of the work that went into getting the brewery ready to open.  The beautiful wood tables they made stood out, as well the bar itself, which we came to find out, was even more work than it appeared to be.  In addition to the frustrations that came with waiting for permits and such to pass through the right avenues, the sheer amount of work that went into getting the place ready for business sounded exhausting on all fronts.  However, with people from the neighborhood peering in the windows during construction and even walking in to ask if they were open amidst the mess, one thing is clear:  this community is ready to frequent a new brewery that is sure to satisfy for years to come.

We want to thank Nick, Tom, and Sierra from Headtrip for allowing us to see this journey up close, sharing the progress and the pictures with us as they were experiencing it themselves.  We knew this wasn’t something that we’d get the opportunity to experience often, so we jumped at the chance to share it with the rest of you as well.  Please take time to visit Headtrip in the near future, and join us in wishing them the very best in Stow.

Details about their grand opening event can be found here:

the Hopostles

Phase 2: The Legwork

Headtrip Sign

Back in April, we ran a feature entitled “Birth of a Brewery” that focused on a new brewery called Headtrip that was going to open sometime in the near future in Stow, OH. We know…that was many beers ago, so maybe you don’t remember seeing it. If you don’t, you can find it here. Well, here we are 6 months later, and we have some exciting updates to share pertaining to Headtrip’s progress since then…

Flight Boards RawHoles CutMuch has been accomplished in the way of the dirty work to get the brewery launched soon. All construction has been completed, with a second bathroom installation being completed as well. Everything has been painted, and all lighting and electrical fixtures have been installed. Mason jars with Edison-style light fixtures are gracing the new residence, giving it that old-fashioned yet modern look, and the table tops have been created from reclaimed wood. The flight boards have been cut, sanded, drilled for holes, filled (the gaps, not the glasses…have some patience, will ya?), and clear-coated.

The bar top will be complete soon, and the bar rails will be fashioned from some pieces left over from one of the Renner Brewing Company buildings Akron, OH. The tap system and the CO2 system have been installed, all equipment is in, and the custom stands for the brew kettles are ready to go as well. The inspection and the occupancy permit is done (49 people), and the official state permit has been issued, so now they’re working on final tests of their equipment so they can start brewing and building inventory.

Taproom in Sept. 17

If you follow Headtrip on social media, they’ve posted a couple teaser pictures of R&D beers they’ve made over the summer, including a Cranberry-Cherry Wit, a German wheat Lemon Ale, and a Raspberry Belgian Saison. Our mouths water just looking at the pictures….we can only imagine how great they’re gonna taste! As the opening date approaches, which hasn’t been announced yet, we anxiously await our first taste of these and their other beers as well, most of which will be kept a secret until then.

Please support Headtrip when the doors finally do open by paying them a visit. Keep an eye out for us there when you do, and be sure to tell us what your favorite brew by them is. Phase 3 will be soon to follow, so be watching!!!

the Hopostles

Photo credit: Stephanie Seagle (Steph Seagle Photography)

Phase 1: The Dream


Taking an idea for a name that literally came from a dream and making it into a reality is no small feat. And yet, as we met the founders of Headtrip Brewery, we happened upon just that. With looks of excitement, beer recipes in hand, and dreams of taking their home brewing to the next level for a bigger audience, Headtrip Brewery is now in the beginning stages of opening a small brewery in Stow, OH.

Never personally knowing anyone who has opened their own microbrewery, we were intrigued when this opportunity presented itself to us to explore more of what goes into the process from the start. We will be following this brewery first hand, offering pictures, getting to know the brewers more closely, and giving our readers a bit more insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Phase 2 will be coming along soon and will focus more on the brewers themselves and their backgrounds, as well as the brewing equipment itself. Phase 3 will complete our journey, as we see the brewery open its doors to its first customers and the guys reveal which brews they have chosen as their flagship beers. Though the timeline is not set in stone yet, we hope to move along in this process by year’s end, offering our readers something new and exciting to see as well.

For a bit more information on Headtrip Brewery, click on the link below to read a short article that was featured in’s beer blog.


the Hopostles

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