A new (be)era?

beer snobAs self-admitted beer snobs ourselves, it’s difficult to admit that some major changes are happening around us in the craft beer industry as a whole. And though we believe the changes can be for the best, it’s sad to think that perhaps the bubble has finally started to leak just a little bit of air. In the end, it’s beer that we love in more forms than we can count. But as the following article points out, there’s always gonna be a place on our palates for something without so much pretense…



Spit that out!

spitWhen we were kids, we likely heard our parents yell that from time to time. Whether it was something bad for us, something that we weren’t allowed to have, or something that came from an unknown source, the words were shouted and immediate results were expected. Who would have ever thought that those words would be taken so literally one day to be used as a main ingredient for beer? Dogfish Head apparently did.

Read on to find out more about the beer that they actually produce with spit and corn, a disgusting thought that’s got our full attention and curiosity peaked…


A cure for the cold…

SnowBeerIf you’ve been following our recent Beer of the Week activity, you may have picked up on a theme. It’s been a darn cold winter in the northeast, and it’s only just begun.

There are few things that have the ability to warm you up and lift your spirits in the face of bitter cold temperatures like a hearty, bold stout. And the higher the ABV, the easier it is to forget about the astronomical heating bill hitting your mailbox as we speak.

A recent article from the Wisconsin State Journal featured their picks for the best imperial stouts to combat the cold. Check out the article here, and see if any of your favorites made the list.

We’d also love to hear from you! Leave us a note in the comments box, and let us know what you’re drinking this winter.

2018 Beer Trends

2018With over 6,000 breweries in operation in the U.S., the pressure to stand out above the rest is growing increasingly important.

So what trends should we be on the lookout for in 2018? Vinepair.com recently asked several of the country’s top brewers to weigh in. The emergence of sour IPA’s, a greater number of small satellite locations, and a return to production of more classic beer styles are just a few of their predictions.

Check out the full article here.

We’d love to hear from you! What beer trends for 2018 are you most excited about?

Hoppy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Cheers

On this Thanksgiving eve, people everywhere are scrambling to make their final preparations for the big day. In just a matter of hours, mouth-watering aromas will begin to fill the air.

We hope you put as much thought into your beverage selections as you did into picking that perfect bird. But in case you didn’t, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Boston.com reached out to several beer experts for their thoughts on what you should, and should not be drinking this Thanksgiving. Just a warning, they can get a little technical, but they know their beer! Check out the full article here.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite Thanksgiving day beer pairings?

The Unicorn

unicorn beer
In the most unlikely of circumstances, one brewery is making its mark on the beer world in a big way.

Carakale Brewing Co., the first ever craft brewery located in the country of Jordan, is now a legitimate player in a heavily saturated U.S. market. Their mouthwatering brews include unique, locally-sourced ingredients, such as Jordanian dates, Bedouin coffee, and even Dead Sea salt.

Check out the full article here at Bloomberg.com to read more.

Waste Not, Want Not

recycle“Waste not, want not.”

We’ve all heard the saying. Likely from a parent or a teacher, trying to teach a valuable life lesson about being responsible with your resources.

Three breweries in Denver have taken this concept quite literally, and through a multi-step process, are putting recycled waste water in their beer.

Forward-thinking businesses, spanning a variety of industries, have been looking for innovative ways to create sustainability as natural resources are being depleted. Consumers are taking notice, and even favoring businesses that are more interested in making a difference than making a buck.

So where do you stand? Check out the full article here, and let us know if you would consider trying a beer made with recycled waste water. Cheers!

Social Beer

Social Beer

So you thought social media was only for killing time at work, posting photos of your kids, or bragging about where you’ve been vacationing?

Think again.

Beer lovers are leveraging apps like Instagram and Facebook to connect with brewers and fellow beer enthusiasts around the world. Breweries have also seized the opportunity to connect with their consumers by announcing beer releases and special events through popular social channels.

Another interesting outcome of these social trends is the practice of beer trading. Desperate to get your hands on that seemingly unattainable brew? Have something valuable in your stash that you’re willing to part with? Social media holds the solution through its vast community of users.

Check out this recent article from GQ.com that further discusses how social apps are changing the craft beer industry.

Living the Dream

Beer dream
Have you ever asked someone how they were doing, to which they replied, “living the dream”? It’s usually preceded by a sigh and delivered with a generous portion of sarcasm.

But what would “living the dream” actually look like, specifically in terms of a job or career? Depending on who you ask, it could be just about anything.

The saying goes, “love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you love taking care of others, become a doctor or a nurse. If you love shaping minds, become a teacher.

But what if you love beer? Solution: Professional Beer Taster. Yes, that exists.

Check out this article from vinepair.com that highlights a unique opportunity to live the beer drinker’s dream.

The Perfect Pair

food and drinkThe San Antonio News Express recently published an article that featured what some are calling the perfect marriage between food and beer.

Independence Brewing Company and Tacos of Texas, both based in central Texas, collaborated to create Revolución Saison Ale. The beer was designed to be a compliment to the carnitas and other savory ingredients found in the tacos.

Yeah, we’re drooling too.

We’d love to hear from you guys! Please share some of your favorite beer and food pairings in the comments section.

And be sure to check out the full article from the San Antonio News Express here.