Brews in the News

A wise man once said that in order for the news to be effective towards a given audience, it should be timely, relevant, factual, and entertaining.  Sounds pretty convincing, right?  Well, if you substituted the words “wise” and “man” for the word “hopostle,” you’ll understand what to expect from this page.  The world of beer and all things related to it is always changing–new breweries popping up, new collaborations happening, and new faces in the industry, not to mention the constant influx of new beers that are flooding the market each day.  But don’t despair, fellow beer lovers–the Hopostles will keep you posted on what’s timely, relevant, and factual out there, just as any true wise men would do.  And entertaining?  No need to worry there, either; anyone willing to make up a quote about effective news and claiming that a wise man once said it clearly knows how to do that as well…

03/28/18 – A new (be)era?

02/28/18 – Spit that out!

01/17/18 – A cure for the cold…

12/27/17 – 2018 Beer Trends

11/22/17 – Hoppy Thanksgiving

10/25/17 – The Unicorn

09/21/17 – Waste Not, Want Not

08/23/17 – Social Beer

08/16/17 – Living the Dream

07/19/17 – The Perfect Pair

06/21/17 – Beer Genius

05/24/17 – Raising the (beer) bar

05/03/17 – A pint a day keeps the doctor away…

04/12/17 – Fruit beers: innovation or abomination?

03/15/17 – The latest craze, beer with haze

02/08/17 – 10 Mexican beers targeted by the Trump tariff

01/12/17 – Craft brewer planning major expansion in Italian Village (Columbus, OH)

01/05/17 – What’s inside a craft brewer’s beer fridge?

12/29/16 – Cleveland’s Platform Beer opening taproom in Columbus