Rogue Ales

Rogue LogoAddress: 2320 SE Marine Science Dr.
Newport, OR 97365

Phone: (541) 867-3660


Flagship Beers: Dead Guy Ale, Mocha Porter, Double Chocolate Stout, Cold Brew IPA, American Amber Ale, Honey Kolsch, Brutal IPA, Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, Hop Series

Seasonal Beers: Pumpkin Patch Ale, Santa’s Private Reserve

Special Releases: Sriracha Stout, XS Imperial Stout

The Down Low: In operation since 1988 and still going strong in the craft brew industry, Rogue brewery knows beer like the back of your hand reaching for their latest offering in stores.  And in the case of Rogue, it doesn’t matter which store in the United States you’re in, because they can be found in all 50 states.  And that’s just the beginning…

rogue beersThey’re headquartered in Newport, OR, but they have 10 other locations that can be found throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.  Their motto has been “Dare * Risk * Dream” for some time now, and it’s emblazoned on all their products as a reminder to their patrons and customers that when it comes to being an innovator, they’re not afraid to try some crazy stuff.  For instance, who would’ve thought that a sriracha stout could be possible?  Being the bona fide spice fanatics that we are, it was a must-try from the moment we set eyes on the iconic red bottle with the green cap.  Or how about making a beer using yeast from the brewmaster’s beard?  It’s a crazy, gross, and unusual idea all wrapped up into one, but we didn’t pass up the opportunity to try that one either.  After all, everything is worth a try once.

DGA WhiskeySo how does a brewery keep up with a 50-state demand for distribution, not to mention 54 countries worldwide?  In the case of Rogue, it comes in the way of owning their own farms.  Growing their own ingredients for use in their beers expanded their horizons exponentially, and in addition to making beer, Rogue also operates a distillery as well.  Their most beloved flagship beer, Dead Guy Ale, has been turned into a whiskey, using the barrels from the beer production to house the whiskey that’s made.  It’s just another way that Rogue stays on top of their game, not only in the cutthroat craft industry, but in the Mecca of beer states that only Oregon folks can brag about.

Keep an eye out for Rogue beers near you the next time you’re out and about.  They’ve been around for 30 years, and with a goal of daring to risk and dream, they’re likely gonna be for another 30 more…

the Hopostles

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