Game of the Century

Have you ever skipped out of a wedding reception almost entirely due to a college football game?  I have, and here’s the story about it…

game of the century

As I reflect back on this experience, my fellow Hopostle Zack will remember it better than me, but from the other side of the fence.  You see, it was his wedding reception that I skipped out on.  We’re first cousins, so it probably stands to reason that I should have been there for the whole thing, supporting him by spending the better part of my Saturday in my nicest suit and listening to the clinking of glasses while the happy couple gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. But if you’ve been a reader of this blog from earlier this year, you’ll know that just about the only thing that can entice me into spending any Saturday of the year at a wedding involve two magic words:  open bar.  Zack’s wedding was not one that boasted of such festivities, but that’s not the real reason I was looking to get out of there in record time.  Sound selfish on my behalf?  Well, I left out one tiny detail…

mvosuThe date was November 18, 2006.  To those of you that are familiar with college football, that’s just about the time of year when things are really heating up, and all teams are vying for a coveted spot in the national championship game (the 4-team playoff wasn’t devised yet).  And to those of you that are familiar with the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry, you know that it’s been dubbed “The Game” for many years now due to the nature of how serious the bragging rights have become.  In 2006, it was labeled as the “Game of the Century.” Ohio State was ranked #1, and Michigan was #2.  In their long storied past, no game up until this point or since had carried a weight of this magnitude.  The winner would go on to the championship, and the loser would be forever remembered as just that:  a loser in the game of the century.

Hop ZackSound like a perfect day to schedule a wedding?  I didn’t think so, and Zack clearly wasn’t thinking either when he agreed to the date for his wedding to begin with.  His mind was probably clouded by love, and stopping to consider when the Buckeyes might be playing or what his closest friends would want to be doing on November 18 was nowhere in the equation.  I know what you’re thinking now…shame on you, Zack.  How could YOU be so selfish?

The Buckeyes went on to win the game 42-39 in historic fashion, taking it down to the wire and truly living up to the game’s new found title of “Game of the Century.”  And I’m pretty sure that to this day, Zack doesn’t hold it against me for passing up his wedding reception for a game that would forever be etched into the history books.  Would I do it over again, knowing that we’re now writing a beer blog together and have become closer friends in the past few years than I would have expected?  You bet.  After all, I was nice enough to forgive him for being so selfish, so I guess he owes me one…

the Hopostles

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