Phase 2: The Legwork

Headtrip Sign

Back in April, we ran a feature entitled “Birth of a Brewery” that focused on a new brewery called Headtrip that was going to open sometime in the near future in Stow, OH. We know…that was many beers ago, so maybe you don’t remember seeing it. If you don’t, you can find it here. Well, here we are 6 months later, and we have some exciting updates to share pertaining to Headtrip’s progress since then…

Flight Boards RawHoles CutMuch has been accomplished in the way of the dirty work to get the brewery launched soon. All construction has been completed, with a second bathroom installation being completed as well. Everything has been painted, and all lighting and electrical fixtures have been installed. Mason jars with Edison-style light fixtures are gracing the new residence, giving it that old-fashioned yet modern look, and the table tops have been created from reclaimed wood. The flight boards have been cut, sanded, drilled for holes, filled (the gaps, not the glasses…have some patience, will ya?), and clear-coated.

The bar top will be complete soon, and the bar rails will be fashioned from some pieces left over from one of the Renner Brewing Company buildings Akron, OH. The tap system and the CO2 system have been installed, all equipment is in, and the custom stands for the brew kettles are ready to go as well. The inspection and the occupancy permit is done (49 people), and the official state permit has been issued, so now they’re working on final tests of their equipment so they can start brewing and building inventory.

Taproom in Sept. 17

If you follow Headtrip on social media, they’ve posted a couple teaser pictures of R&D beers they’ve made over the summer, including a Cranberry-Cherry Wit, a German wheat Lemon Ale, and a Raspberry Belgian Saison. Our mouths water just looking at the pictures….we can only imagine how great they’re gonna taste! As the opening date approaches, which hasn’t been announced yet, we anxiously await our first taste of these and their other beers as well, most of which will be kept a secret until then.

Please support Headtrip when the doors finally do open by paying them a visit. Keep an eye out for us there when you do, and be sure to tell us what your favorite brew by them is. Phase 3 will be soon to follow, so be watching!!!

the Hopostles

Photo credit: Stephanie Seagle (Steph Seagle Photography)

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