Boo’s and Booze

Have you ever substituted the cup holder in your baby stroller, normally reserved for the baby bottle, as a holder for your beer instead?  I have, and here’s the story about it…

halloween beer

It’s a yearly tradition…what can I say?  For the past 13 years, we have trick-or-treated with the same two friends.  When we started this tradition, they had one toddler and so did we. Currently, our two-family trick-or-treat group boasts 11 kiddos.  And for every one of those years, a nice cold beer has kept me more than willing to walk to however many houses it was going to take to wear the kids out.  Oftentimes, the beer runs out quicker than the kids’ energy, but hey…everyone has to make sacrifices for their children at one time or another.

T or T

The cups that hold the precious beverage have varied over the years, but it’s usually a travel coffee mug of some sort that will have a top to keep it from spilling.  Well, for some reason that I’m sure made a lot of sense at the time, I took a Solo cup along as the cup of choice one year, and still haven’t heard the end of it.  Pushing my 15 month old daughter in the stroller was a 2 handed job, something a guy like me clearly wasn’t cut out for.  But alas, there’s a cup holder that wasn’t being used!  Seemed like a perfect place to put the cup, but who would have thought that these things weren’t designed to keep beer from spilling?  One good bump on the sidewalk that I now discovered had cracks in it was all it took for my wife to almost prevent the tradition from continuing past year 2, but I guess love forgives even beer spills.

beerolanternThe kids have all been out of the stroller for a few years now, but my wife has started a yearly tradition of her own by drudging up the story about how she had to take the stroller completely apart for the first time because of me.  Evidently, it’s not kosher to have your child’s stroller smelling like beer, and therefore required a complete disassembly and thorough washing.  But in the case of this Hopostle, it’s also not kosher to do away with traditions, especially when it involves taking your barley and hops for a stroll around the neighborhood from time to time…

the Hopostles

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