Southern Tier Brewing Company

stbcAddress: 2072 Stoneman Cir
Lakewood, NY

Phone: (716) 763-5479


Flagship Beers: 2xIPA, Tangier, Nu Skool IPA, 2xSMASH, Gemini, Lemon Drop Sun, Back Burner

Seasonal Releases: Pumking, Warlock, Harvest Ale, Krampus, 2xMAS, 3 Citrus Peel Out

Special Releases: Blackwater Series (Choklat Oranj, Choklat, Salted Caramel, Thick Mint, Crème Brulee), Barrel Works Series (Manhattan, Sapsquatch)

The Down Low: Nestled deep in the woods just outside of Lakewood, NY, a small brewery began producing beers back in 2002 with some equipment that they purchased from a previous brewery.  Production started out small, as most breweries do, but making quality beer rarely goes unnoticed.  Distribution grew rapidly for the next several years, and so in order to accommodate the growing fan-base, new facilities and brewery equipment followed suit.  15 years later, Southern Tier Brewing Company has become one of the major players in the craft beer market, distributing to over 30 states nationwide.  A new satellite facility has recently opened in Pittsburgh, PA, and other smaller locations feature beer gardens, additional brew houses, and full service kitchens.

stbc tap handlesSo what can all the success be attributed to?  Well, to put it simply, quality.  Southern Tier makes such a variety of different brews, and most of them are done really well.  Their IPA’s, such as 2xSMASH, Nu Skool, and Gemini, are packed with enough fresh hops to satisfy even the pickiest of hopheads (guilty as charged).  Their Blackwater Series features not only some of the most unique ingredients, but the flavors from each are literal liquid interpretations of what the name implies.  Ever wonder what a liquefied Hershey Bar tastes like?  Try Choklat.  Got a craving for something minty?  Grab a Thick Mint.  Sweet tooth nagging at you again?  Salted Caramel and Crème Brulee are guaranteed to leave you wondering if you just ate your dessert or drank it.

New on the market from Southern Tier is their Barrel Works Series, a higher ABV palate-crushing experiment that manages to push the flavor boundary to the next level.  Manhattan, inspired by the mixed drink of the same name, and Sapsquatch, a maple syrup barrel-aged monster, will leave you feeling both happy and wondering out loud, “Is there anything these guys don’t do well?”

warlockWe’ve saved the best for last.  In our humble opinion, the true crown jewel of Southern Tier resides in a seasonal beer that’s held a special place in our livers for several years now.  If you know us well, you know that fall is our favorite beer time of the year, and pumpkin beers seem to be something we just can’t get enough of.  And no matter how many new ones we try, we always go back to Southern Tier to remind ourselves where the benchmark for greatness is set:  Warlock.  There are few things we love more than a nice, heavy stout as the weather starts to take a dip, and coupling what seems to be the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor with it is difficult to find.  What started as a love for Pumking, another staple in the fall by Southern Tier, morphed into a love for his more evil counterpart, a beer that only a wizard, or in this case, Southern Tier, can create.

If you haven’t tried any Southern Tier beers before, you’ve got some catching up to do.  But don’t worry…there’s plenty out there for all of us.  Just don’t come asking us for any of ours—not because we don’t like sharing, but because after you try a few yourself, you’ll be buying plenty of your own…

The Hopostles

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