The Brew Kettle

Brew Kettle LogoAddress: 8377 Pearl Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136

Phone: (440) 239-8788


Flagship Beers: White Rajah IPA, Black Rajah IPA, Old 21 IPA, Four C’s American Pale Ale, Kitka Chocolate Coconut Milk Stout, Big Woody Lager, Tunguska Stout, Awesome IPL, El Lupulo Libre DIPA

Special Releases: All For One Session IPA, Winter Warmer, Dark Helmet Imperial Schwarzbier, Oktofest, Summer Rays Wit, Jackhammer Barleywine

The Down Low: Picture yourself standing in front of a large cauldron, stirring in crazy ingredients to concoct your potion:  legs from a frog, eye of a newt, horn of a goat, etc.  You cackle as you stir, knowing that your elixir will cause the recipients to be under your control.  Sound like a typical witch’s story?  Now, replace the cauldron with a pot.  Replace the crazy ingredients with barley, hops, and water.  Replace the control you’re trying to place others under with a smile instead.  And the cackling laughter?  Well, that may stay the same…welcome to Brew Kettle.

Brew Kettle taproom

Looking unassuming and ordinary on a stretch of road that features hundreds of other places to dine sits a craft brew venue that is unlike most others.  With locations in Strongsville and Amherst (and a new one coming soon in Hudson), they’re expanding to satisfy the masses.  Not only can you try some great draft brews that they create themselves as well as several guest taps that other breweries occupy, but you can also try some incredible food options as well.  Oh…and the best part?  You can also make and bottle your own beer.  Sound too cool to be true?  Well, it isn’t.  Grab a group of friends, choose a style of beer that appeals to your palate, and brew it up together.  A few weeks later, after the batch is ready, you show up again to bottle your beer.  Then, share it with all the suckers that turned you down on the opportunity to join.  Or don’t.

Many of Brew Kettle’s flagship beers are bottled and available for purchase in local stores, sold both as 6 packs and/or as options in their Journey Tour box set.  For Cedar Point lovers, there’s even a “Thrill Pack” featuring six other beers not found in the Journey Tour.  And though Brew Kettle produces most of the major styles of beer, our favorites in the past have been the barrel-aged versions and the El Lupulo Libre DIPA.  Hop for hop, El Lupulo holds its own against some the most piney, grapefruit-laden DIPA’s you’ve tried.  Think Pliny the Elder, Hop Juju, and Permanent Funeral.  When fresh, it’s hard to tell them apart.

Brew Kettle foodThe food menu is impressive as well.  Everything you’d expect from a great pub is offered (nachos, wings, loaded fries, etc.), as well a ton of different sandwiches, steaks, wraps, burgers, and sides.  There’s a BBQ flair to it all, and anything that involves a smoked meat is a must if you get the chance to visit.  Even if you didn’t like beer (clearly I’m speaking to just the insane now), the food options alone are enough to write home about.  In short, it’s got something for everyone.

So the next time you’ve got a hankering for some great food, great beer, or even an opportunity to try your hand at being the brewmaster yourself, think about giving Brew Kettle a try.  At least it will give you a chance to perfect your cackle…

the Hopostles

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