Epic Night

Have you ever sampled so many craft beers in one night that you could actually hear your liver begging for mercy? I have, and here’s the story about it…

Beer bottles

It wasn’t intended to be referred to as “Epic Night” when it was being planned for, but once my 6 buddies and I were gathered around the picnic table at my house with a warm, August breeze blowing in our faces, it soon became a night that we still talk about to this day.  Summer was drawing to a close, and we had collectively accumulated several beers that we wanted to sample as a group.  Well, it started out as several, but as my fellow Hopostle and I did a quick once-over of who had brought what, we found that it was gonna be a bit harder than we initially thought it would be to put those 35 beers into any kind of order that would make sense.

Yes–35 different craft brews.  IPA’s, stouts, porters, pilsners…heck, we even tried a beer made with marionberries and infused with honey. Spread out over the course of 4 or 5 hours and shared between 7 guys, it works out to about 5 beers per guy.  Not crazy, at least not in a dedicated craft brewer’s world.  What was crazy was trying to take notes about each one for our Green Elm Society’s minutes, in addition to checking each beer in with a comment on my favorite social drinking app, Untappd.  That, paired with being the person who also took on the responsibility of opening each new brew and pouring some for each person, became such a ridiculous task that I literally left off writing in the middle of a word and allowed myself to just kick back and relax.

bonfire beerSitting around a bonfire as a group while the final beer was being passed around is how the evening concluded, and I’m happy to report that I felt great the next day.  I’m sure my liver would beg to differ, as would the garbage man that would have to heave those trash bags into the truck. It truly was an epic night to remember, but it will not likely ever be repeated again.  And even this craft beer fanatic is ok with that…

the Hopostles

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