Raising the (beer) bar

Beer barThink about your favorite local watering hole. The sights. The sounds. The crowd. The brews.

What about it keeps you coming back? Is it that warm welcome you get from the regulars when you stroll in like Norm from “Cheers”? Is it knowing that there will be at least a few unique beers on tap you haven’t tasted? Maybe it’s something you can’t even explain.

The booming craft beer industry brings with it a new type of customer. The new target market is not just a consumer, but a connoisseur. They are looking for an experience, not just another pint.  And the beer is just the beginning. The pressure is on for beer bars to differentiate themselves and provide the type of environment that will draw a crowd, and keep them coming back.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed. GQ.com recently published an article that addresses “How to Tell a Great Beer Bar From a Lame One”. Check it out here.

We’d like to hear from you! Tell us about your favorite local hangout and what draws you there…

2 thoughts on “Raising the (beer) bar

  1. Phil V May 31, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    Some of the most fun breweries I have been to are in LA. They don’t serve food, but they are always packed and have a great atmosphere and outdoor sections. Thats why I love Brick & Barrel in Cleveland (and similarly Platform). Nothing special about the building. And while the beer is very good, it isn’t even the best within walking distance.

    What seperates it is the vibe. the breweries are always behind the bar serving you, and always wantign to talk about their latest recipes. Because there is no food, only the hardcore regulars go to enjoy the beer. Couches in the back, a small TV in the corner and a nice patio. Closest place to a Cali brewery I have found in NE Ohio.


  2. philvuja May 31, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    Some of my favorite breweries are in LA. They don’t serve food, the building is average and the beer is so-so. But the vibe is amazing. Kind of just like an open warehouse with brewing vats everywhere, packed to the brim with people who just want to enjoy a cold one. A nice patio and maybe some live entertainment.

    Only place close I have found in NE Ohio is Brick & Barrel in the Flats (and Platform to a certain extent). Couches in the back, only a small 32 inch TV above the bar, no food served, small patio in a sketchy looking area. But everyone there just comes for above average beer and company. Always a great time. My working theory is that the more prestine and high-end looking a brewery/bar is, the crappier the beer tastes. Would love to do a study on this hypothesis one day.


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