Mike’s Harder Watermelon by Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

What do cigarettes, nasty bathrooms, questionable hot dogs, and macro beers all have in common? No, it’s not that they all taste the same. It’s that they are all typically found in a gas station convenience store, a place you wouldn’t usually go to if you’re searching for the next best craft beer. And though that’s often true, what you also wouldn’t expect to find is a malt beverage worth seeking out. However, next to all those 40 oz. King Cobras  and a few steps away from the candy bars, sits the latest flavor of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  The flavor variations are as numerous as the times you’ve stopped to get gas, and are more delicious than pretty much anything InBev has to offer. Join us this week as we sample a Mike’s Harder Watermelon, and we’ll attempt to smash your expectations when it comes to your next visit for fuel…

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