Mom’s night out, beer me a stout…

Have you ever offered to watch all the kids with your buddy so your wives could have a “mom’s night out”, only to realize after doing a quick headcount of the children that the number was somehow 9?  I did, and here’s the story about it…

Dad-Beer-MugProbably as a thank you to our wives for letting us hit up the last beer sampling together, Zack and I intended to return the favor by letting them head out for the evening while we attempted to corral them to the dinner table and entertain them for a few hours.  Did we sample a few cold ones that evening between the screams, diaper changes, and fights of our kids?  C’mon…we’re the Hopostles…what do you think?  That being said, rather than talk about one particular beer that we sampled that night, I’d rather talk about one of our favorite breweries in Ohio and feature 9 of our favorite beers from them in honor of our 9 rugrats. Think watching that many kids is hard?  Try narrowing down the list of Fat Head’s beers that you love to only 9…now that’s truly a challenge.

Hop Juju–one of our favorite beers of all time, and the closest thing to eating a hop-flavored pine cone that you’re gonna find.  A true hop lover’s dream, boasting 100 IBU’s and a 9% ABV that will leave you craving the next one.  But stock up when you get the chance, cause this Double IPA is only released in February and seems to sell out quicker than you can say, “Stop fighting with your brother!”

Hop Stalker–another gem of a hop forward American IPA, citrusy in flavor and like a son to Daddy Juju himself

Head Hunter–more IBU’s and a slightly higher ABV make this a little more bitter tasting of an American IPA than Hop Stalker, but being available year round makes it one we pick time and time again when sent out to “grab a couple groceries”

fh_cleve_orange286Trail Head–a pale ale that you’d think was trying to play dress up in an IPA’s clothes, its crisp and hop-forward taste will make you want to hit the trail for a run…to the fridge for another one

Bonehead Red–not just a name your kids call each other anymore, this hoppy red ale will make you appreciate amber-colored beers in a whole new way

Holly Jolly–a yearly winter warmer that’s got just enough spices to help you get through wrapping all those presents…think of it as a gift to your taste buds for all your hard work

Pimp My Sleigh–a Belgian Strong Ale that packs a high enough ABV (10.5%) to keep Santa warm on the sleigh ride to your house

Shakedown Stout–whether it’s the wife shaking her head at you or your kids shaking you down for more money from your wallet, this Imperial Stout will keep you smiling through the whole ordeal

Spooky Tooth–go ahead and show the kids the scary movie they wanna see while you sip this seasonal imperial pumpkin ale, a perfect partner to the colder days of October in Ohio

So, there you have it.  9 beers in honor of all our kids.  Fat Head’s brewery always keeps us coming back wanting more, which I guess is the same philosophy we both had when it came to deciding just how big our families were gonna be…

the Hopostles

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