3 Floyds Brewing Co.

3 FloydsAddress: 9750 Indiana Pkwy Munster, IN 46321

Phone: (219) 922-4425


Flagship Beers: Zombie Dust, Gumballhead, Yum Yum, Alpha King, Robert the Bruce

Seasonal Beers (mostly 22 oz. bombers): Alpha Klaus, Brew Doo, Munsterfest

Other Notable Beers (mostly 22 oz. bombers): Permanent Funeral, Backmasking, Apocalypse Cow, Behemoth, Blot Out the Son, Rabbid Rabbit

The Down Low: There’s nothing normal about Three Floyd’s Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana.  What makes a great place for a brewery?  Probably out in the open where it’s easy to find for their ever-increasing fan base.  Three Floyd’s has theirs in the middle of an industrial parkway.  What would many agree is the best way to distribute beer to the masses?  Make a ton of it, and make it easy to find.  Three Floyd’s beers, other than a few staples which can be found year round, send you on a quest time and time again to locate, only to find out that someone else got there before you and bought the only 2 bottles that the store received.  What would be considered the best labels to attract a customer?  Probably something catchy, colorful, or memorable to stand out from every other bottle on the shelf.  Three Floyd’s does that, I suppose, if you consider gore, blood, death, and guts “memorable,” “colorful,” and “standing out from every other bottle on the shelf.”  Yes, in all these ways Three Floyd’s would be considered far from normal.  But take one sip of most of their beers, and you’ll discover your newfound appreciation for something that’s anything but ordinary…


With names that read like the closed captioning at the bottom of the horror movies playing in their brewery at all times, Three Floyd’s have managed to bring the heavenly taste of their beer and the macabre together in a way that has legions of craft beer fans clamoring for anything and everything that bears their name on the bottle.  Speaking of the bottle, they range anywhere from death-metal collaborations (Crack the Skye/Mastadon, Amber Smashed Face/Cannibal Corpse, Toxic Maltz/Exodus) to the bizarre (Gumballhead, Zombie Dust, Yum Yum) to the hilarious (Behemoth, Alpha Klaus, Broo Doo).  Look past the crazy gore on the front of Permanent Funeral and you’ll find a top-rated Double IPA, right up there in taste with Pliny the Elder or Hop Juju.  Ignore the blood dripping from his sword, and a bottle of Chevalier Bertand du Guesclin will become one of your all-time favorite sours.  Turn a blind eye to the killer rabbit (Rabbid Rabbit), the skeleton king (Alpha King), the cyclops bovine (Apocalypse Cow), and the psycho (Wigsplitter), and you will find yourself loving many new styles of beer, most of which will have Three Floyd’s at the top of your list.

tf-darklordThe brewery / restaurant is rather small, and because parking is limited, get there early unless you fancy parking on the street and waiting a while for a table.  It also helps to call their hotline to find out which beers they have available on tap that day, many of which aren’t released in bottles and will make you feel even more rewarded for your trip to Munster.  The restaurant is on the right, with the bottle shop and merch shop on the left.  The brewery also has a yearly festival called Dark Lord Day (see this month’s “Have you ever..”), and if you muster up the cash to attend, you’ll leave with a Russian Imperial Stout that will have your beer buddies banging on your door for a sample the minute you get home.

Three Floyd’s occupies a top 5 spot on both of our favorite breweries of all time, and we’re willing to bet that if it isn’t on yours already, it soon will be.  Solid varieties of just about every style of beer, labels that make you cringe or laugh (or both), and quantities that anger you and cause you to gloat when you score one all wrapped up into one, make for something very not normal indeed.  And that’s just the way they like it…

the Hopostles

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