March Madness

Have you ever taken the day off of work simply to drink green beer, visit as many dive bars as you can in your town in one day, and watch the March Madness basketball tournament? I did, and here’s the story about it…

green beer

I’ve been a craft beer drinker for many years now, but it wasn’t always that way. Like most people who learn to develop a taste for beer over time, I started off drinking the typical gas station beers. They all tasted more or less the same, but being new to the scene, I didn’t care. As the years went by, though, I found myself craving quality over convenience, despite the fact that the money to buy them was going to disappear faster. Do I still enjoy those beers? Yes, but I certainly wouldn’t say I prefer them any more than I’d prefer a piece of spam next to a medium rare steak slathered in blue cheese. Craft beer is my love now, and it seems there will be no turning back.

However, every once in a while, even us craft beer snobs have to take a respite from the endless pursuit of the next best beer and return to our beer drinking roots, gulping down macro-beer swill like a college fraternity on spring break. My buddy and I had a long-running desire to explore some of the shadier watering holes in our town, often wondering while we drove by what these crummy establishments looked like on the inside. The names of them alone ranged from mundane to perplexing to hilarious. Our curiosity was finally going to be satisfied, and what better time to hit up several bars in a day than a year when St. Patrick’s Day coincided with the beginning of the NCAA March Madness tournament…

divebarAll in all, most of the places we hit up that day were indeed dive bars through and through, reinforcing what our low expectations were set at from the get go. Poor lighting, customers that were both loyal and scary looking at the same time, and bar decor that looked like it had been last updated sometime around the Reagan presidency made for a day of memories that we still joke about years later. Starting off in the morning at a place that featured “Kegs and Eggs”, prices on individual bottles of liquor in another, and taps that actually distributed Natty Light replaced our love for craft beers for a short window of time. It was a fun way to spend St. Patty’s Day, and one in which you wanted nothing more than to have your favorite cheap beer tainted even more with some green food coloring and given to you by a guy with enough plastic beads to fit right in at Mardi Gras. But the greenest thing of all that day wasn’t the beer, the endless shamrocks, or the tacky decorations in the places we visited…it was the envy in the heart of our other beer drinking buddies that didn’t bother taking the day off…

the Hopostles

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