Hill Farmstead Brewery

hill-farmstead-logoAddress: 403 Hill Rd.
Greensboro Bend, Vermont 05842

Phone: (802) 533-7450

Website: www.hillfarmstead.com

Flagship Beers: Abner (pale ale), Arthur (pale ale), Edward (pale ale), Susan (American IPA), Dorothy (pale ale)

Series Beers: Civil Disobedience (barrel aged versions of some of the flagship beers), Excursions (experimental IPA’s), Society and Solitude (experimental Imperial IPA’s)

Other Notable Beers: Singular Hop Series Beers (Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe, Mosaic, etc.)

The Down Low: Sometimes the best things in life, and in this case a brewery, can be found in the middle of nowhere.  A serene setting, breathtaking scenery, and an unassuming farm in the Vermont countryside are the perfect ingredients for what many craft beer drinkers in America consider to be a bucket-list location when it comes to seeing firsthand where some of the most prized brews come from.  Welcome to Hill Farmstead…

Hill Farmstead 2

If you consider yourself a serious craft beer drinker, yet have never heard of Hill Farmstead before, that could be due in part to a few different reasons.  First off, unless you live on the east coast, you would have had a heck of a time obtaining any of it.  Their distribution is pretty limited, making the allure of actually scoring a bottle that much sweeter.  Secondly, to get to the location itself, you may accidentally convince yourself on the way up the mile long dirt and rock road that leads to the brewery that your GPS has gone haywire and is leading you astray.  If either of those reasons don’t fit, then chalk it up to the fact that you’ve had your head buried in your pint glass just a little too long, because when it comes to highly prized craft beer, Hill Farmstead is synonymous with greatness.

Hill Farmstead 1The brewery was once the owner’s great-grandfather’s dairy farm, and fittingly enough, many of their most well-known beers have singular names taken from someone in the family ancestry.  Their best known beers are pale ales and saisons, but they also have long-running series of experimental, single-hop, and imperial IPA’s which draw continuous attention to those always looking to try something new.

If you do happen to be fortunate enough to visit the actual brewery, just keep telling yourself, “Good things come to those who wait…”. Getting that growler filled may take upwards of 2-3 hours, but we assure you, it’s worth it.  2 different buildings grace the property, one being a barn that handles all apparel, bottle sales, and beer production.  The other is a cabin that has been transformed into a tap room for patrons to sample a rotating list of drafts.  If it’s packed inside, head outside to one of several gorgeous seating areas where you can take in the scenery and taste a little bit of heaven in liquid form.  After all, once you leave the farm, you’ll need a bit of good luck or at least have a good source to score it again.  Unless, like us, you dream of moving to the farm itself…just don’t expect them to name a beer after you…

the Hopostles

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