Beer My Valentine

Have you ever been excited to find out why your credit card was declined, simply because the smile on your wife’s face suggested that there was more to the story than meets the eye? I was, and here’s the story about it…

Valentines beer(image/makethebestofeverything)

Being the month that hosts Valentine’s Day, I think it’s appropriate to approach the subject of love…with your beer goggles on, of course. My wife, as well as my fellow Hopostle’s wife, have not only tolerated our love for all things beer more times than we can count, but have often gone the extra mile to support our passion in various ways. Whether it’s surprising us with a beer that they’ve purchased, smiled while being dragged along to another brewery, or just plain been a sounding board about the latest mind-blowing beer that we’ve had the opportunity to try, they have truly been the hops beneath our wings when it comes to participating in our obsession. Alright…enough of the mushy-gushy crap…my hope is that you’re still reading at this point…

After dropping off my wife at Houlihan’s so she could run in to pick up their marshmallow dessert that she openly drools over at the mere mention of its name, I found myself waiting in the car with the kids and growing increasingly impatient with the fights and screams that permeated from the back seat. When my wife returned to the car, she informed me that I needed to go inside in place of her and find out what was going on with our credit card and it’s “declined” status. Because I don’t always put 2 and 2 together quickly, and like most guys am not good at reading between the imaginary lines, I went in under the guise that something genuinely was wrong, with only a small hint of a smile in my wife’s eyes that suggested I shouldn’t worry too much.

heart beerI’m not ashamed to say that my heart jumped a little when the bartender called out to me, “Are you Mike?” After admitting that I was, I gladly accepted his invitation to have a seat at the bar and enjoy a beer that my wife had already paid for with the so called “declined credit card.” An accompanying text message to “take my time” while my wife dealt with the kids sealed the deal, capping what was already a delicious Southern Tier Pumking beer and aided in reminding me that true love takes on many forms. Who would have thought that Cupid’s arrows were shaped like pumpkins and were laced with alcohol?

the Hopostles

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