A Night of Utopia

Have you ever made a 330 mile road trip in pursuit of a beer that wasn’t sold in your home state, fueled entirely by the desire to try something that was unobtainable?  I did, and here’s the story about it…



The year was 2009, and my beer buddies and I had heard rumors about a 27% ABV behemoth of a beer that had been made every other year beginning in 2001 by Samuel Adams.  A 27% alcohol beer??  Yeah.  It was pretty groundbreaking for the time in the craft beer industry, and although time and experimentation by many breweries has yielded many more beers following in the wake of this insanity, this beer continues to be a bucket-list beer for those who are looking to push their taste buds to the outer limits.  So how were a few guys from Ohio, a state that hadn’t yet embraced ABV limits past 12%, going to get ahold of such a brew?  By driving to our neighbors to the north, of course, and paying a stupid amount of money…



After doing a search of the nearest store that could possibly carry this beer, I happened upon a little convenience store in Brownstown, Michigan that I called immediately, fully expecting to be turned down and given the all-too-familiar line, “Sorry, we’re all out.”  But alas, much to my excitement, the store owner told me he still had 1 bottle.  He informed me that it had a crack in the ceramic cap, and for that reason alone, it remained unbought in his store.  It still carried a $119 price tag, despite being only a 24 ounce bottle.  The owner did his due diligence in telling me that in his mind, the beer wasn’t worth the price.  However, as a new addict to the craft beer industry, my buddy Dan and I threw caution to the wind, left my 9 month pregnant wife waving from the window, and took off to pursue what I didn’t realize would be the first real beer to throw gas on the fire of a craft beer obsession that has been going strong ever since.So was it worth the drive and the price?  Absolutely.  Tons of raisin and plum notes, heavy like a fine port, and syrupy to the point where you feel like it’s the Pepto Bismol commercial on TV coating your stomach and putting you in your happy place, it’s as legendary and special as it’s advertised to be.  My fellow Hopostle, Zack, was the only other guy at the time that I deemed worthy of the sampling, and this night that we still refer to as “A Night of Utopia” is really where it all began…


the Hopostles

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