Phoenix Brewing Company

Address:  131 North Diamond Street

                   Mansfield, OH  44902

Phone:  419-522-2552


Flagship Beers:  Redemption IPA, 5 Guinea ESB, Danger City Brown Ale, John Doe American Wheat, Pale Ale 419, The Ferryman Oatmeal Milk Stout

Other Notable Beers:  Cemetery Series (Black Aggie Russian Imperial Stout, Mary Jane Chai Baltic Imperial Porter, Santa Muerte Imperial Chocolate Stout), Century IPA, Surly Gnome Winter Warmer, Jane Doe Raspberry Wheat

The Down Low:  Situated in downtown Mansfield in a former mortuary, the Phoenix Brewing Company has been pumping out quality brews since April of 2014.  Though you can find the 6 flagship beers on draft there most times of the year, the true excitement in this brewery lies in the beers that pop up seasonally.  Everything from pilsners to barrel-aged stouts, from cream ales to flavored fruit beers, and all sorts of specialties like peppermint mocha stouts and cherry porters, the Phoenix Brewing Company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding a new and creative way to brew beers.

Due to its proximity to where we live, the Hopostles have frequented this venue often for their new releases, to hang out with friends, and even to take a tour of the brewery.  The friendliness of the staff, the knowledge of the brewmaster, and the cool atmosphere (which has added outdoor seating and a stage for summer concerts) keeps us coming back time and time again.  In addition to the Cemetery Series now available for purchase in bottles, they have also featured a Mortuary Series for Higher Gravity “lighter” brews at 8% and above, and are currently working on a Transcendence Series for Higher Gravity brews at 12% and above.


If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, be sure to drop in for a pint.  Pick up a cool shirt, sticker, or hat, and let us know what you thought of the place.  We’re confident that it will be worth your time!


the Hopostles

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