Beer style defined: Sour


Sour – A Warhead in beer form. A carbonated, jowl-jacking beer that you wish you never took that first sip of, but then can’t stop drinking because they taste so good. This style is for the adventurous-type that wants to see what all the rage is about when it comes to pushing beer boundaries. This is a great beer to share with your buddies, just for the pure enjoyment of watching their face when they take that first swig, as if you just fed them an unripe lemon. This style, to us, is best consumed in the summer time when it’s nice and hot. There’s something about having that sour punch in the face that makes it irresistibly refreshing. Maybe that’s why lemonade is so popular…

Good – DESTIHL Wild Sour Series
Better – Platform Peach Spreader
Best – 3 Floyds Chevalier Bertrand du Guesclin, Russian River Beatification

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