Beer style defined: Saison


Saison – Saison (pronounced SAY-zon) beers are a style of beer that have a smell that is best referred to as funky or musty, with some pepper overtones. Many saisons, including BA versions, use a yeast that contains a bacteria called Brettanomyces, also called Brett for short. It’s a bacteria in the yeast that gives saisons that “funk” character. Many saisons are also very carbonated, like a champagne. Although you can drink saisons by themselves, they are better paired with hors d’oeuvres such as sharp cheeses, salted meats, or pretzels. Some other similar variations of saisons are called Farmhouse or Wild ales.

Good – Goose Island Sofie
Better – Trillium Free Rise, Boulevard Tank 7, Tired Hands Saisonhands
Best – Hill Farmstead Arthur, Prairie Artisan Prairie Somewhere, Trillium Sunshower

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