Beer style defined: Barleywine


Barleywine – The term Barleywine was created because of the strength of alcohol, like a wine, but instead of using grapes, grain is used. Barleywines, in our opinion, are the most complex beers that we have ever had. Sweet, thick, syrupy, raisin, port, wine, toffee, yada, yada, yada. Barleywines, although it might not fancy most people, are a must try. With the high ABV that barleywines carry (8%-12% in most cases), most of them sneak up on you. Barleywines are definitely a sipping beer. Wheat wine is very similar to a barleywine, but wheat is added to the mash.

Good – Southern Tier Back Burner
Better – Brew Kettle Barrel Aged Jackhammer, Deschutes Mirror Mirror, Flying Dog Horn Dog
Best – Hoppin’ Frog Barrel Aged In-TEN-sity, 3 Floyds Majsgoop, New Holland Pilgrim’s Dole

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